Learning and earning

Learning and earning, a subject many students ponder on its possibilities. Most of them are advised against by parents who of course mean well but fail to see its possibilities. Why deny someone the opportunity to gain an experience? This is said considering the risk of a decline in academic performance. With proper advice, all things can be achieved. Self-discovery is the most important factor to successfully learn and earn. Most people read up to eight hours to understand a work others use just two hours to. This shows that abilities differ given certain circumstances. As such, it is proper to know where you fall in.
There are people who work to take care of themselves while in school. For this to be realized, proper time management has to be developed. To run a small scale business while in school, you need to know when to be at particular places, when to read, and when to do other things. It is advised you play a managerial role instead of a functional party in the business, i.e. you need to hire a skilled person to manage it for you. In my opinion, as soon as one leaves secondary school, his/her life begins. You are now responsible for various actions of your life. Skills acquisition is essential in this time we live in.
Moreover, the experience that will be amassed while learning and earning will be invaluable. As a young person, you need something you can fall back to if your educational training doesn’t work well. Millions of people graduate every year, some with better qualifications than you. What you can offer(skills) separates you from them. In conclusion, it is very possible to learn and earn. I recommend every student to have a little means of income but never at the expense of your academics. Remember, you are responsible for your failure or success in life.

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