Jim Rohn: 3 Principles for Start Ups

Jim Rohn is one of the greatest sales man and speaker to walk the earth, and these three principles I learnt from his tapes and books.

The issue of surviving through the start up process of a business has been a real challenge for entrepreneurs especially younger people. I learnt these principles listen to his tapes and they have helped me improve. Mr Rohns life was transformed from rags to riches immediately he changed his personal philosophy and applied what he learnt from his mentor (John Earl Shoaff) over the years. Before his death in 2009, he had gone ahead to teach, inspire and use his principles and philosophies to transform countless number of lives. so don't miss a line in this article here are just three principles that took him from a farm boy to millionaire in less than two years.

1.  “increase your value to the market and your income will increase”
Mr Rohn always laid emphasis on this during his seminars. Your value is a function of what you know and what you can offer; it is not just enough to kick start a business without having an in depth knowledge and proper planning of what you want to go into. You need to sit back source for knowledge, ask questions, do the neccessary researches and background study of the business at hand. Know more than average, in that start up of yours. Find out those that failed why did they fail, those that succeeded why did they succeed. This will help stir your business in the right direction.
Eventually you have already started a business, its never too late to gain more knowledge of  your industry, go ahead to  plan, apply new strategies and take action in improving your business.



2. acquire more skills
“As a farm boy I was always broke, until I learnt the skills of sales” said Mr Rohn. It is important as entrepreneurs to understand that every start-up depends on the skills of those heading it at the initial start and at such if the individual is limited in skills especially in terms of basic tech skills, it will cost the business some money to outsource or train people, to cover such roles. Mr Rohn went ahead to increase the number of skills he had from recruiting to organizing and I thought on this for any start up to be successful at the beginning the head must have leadership skills, organizing and recruitment skill because without this skills there may be limitations and this may lead to the loss of potential customers.